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Additive Manufacturing using Two-dimensional carbon materials:

Graphene, GO, rGO and Graphene Quantum Dots to reinforcement / Sensors and membranes :

Development of new nanocomposites based on carbon nanostructures via additive manufacturing for application in the automotive, aviation and others areas. The use of biopolymers in conjunction with nanostructures obtained from renewable sources will enable the production of wear reducing and anti-corrosive coatings, sensors and permeation membranes.

2D materials: Graphene and Beyond
Graphene, Reduced Graphene Oxide and Graphene Quatum Dots:

Carbon-based nanostructured materials have attracted great attention due to its unique structure and unique electronic properties. Although research on nanotubes also have a large space for development and innovation, has occurred in the past five years, the explosion of graphene resulting in the choice of the Nobel Prize in 2010 Physics for researchers at the University of Manchester, Geim and Novoselov.

The carbon planar shape is a hexagonal arrangement of atoms and is called graphene. The structure of graphene is the starting point for the study of nanotubes and graphite. For this reason, long before their experimental discovery had several theoretical studies analyzing graphene and revealing interesting properties that have been verified experimentally. Graphene is a material with technological application prospects in the electronics industry, as its driving properties can be controlled by the action of electric fields applied through "Gates" and the fact that a stable and thick film atomic order. Also, it is a tough bidimencional material with high young modulus and has a peculiar energy spectrum, which earns him a privileged place in basic physics research. Its remarkable electronic properties such as, for example, ballistic transport in graphene with high charge mobilities, the semiconductor behavior which can be achieved by doping, are responsible for this interest taking the use of graphene in applications such as, e.g. in bioelectronics in biosensors, supercapacitors, batteries and others. The correctness of the choice of this line of research is evident both from the scientific point of view, the number of publications in renowned journals, the rapid development and the great demand and room for innovation. Accompanied by the development of basic scientific knowledge is very great potential of applications that will be explored in the coming years as well as interdisciplinarity among the related areas. For this, some obstacles must be overcome, such as the preparation of graphene sample area and free of defects and control the introduction of dopants in graphene.


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Growth and doping

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Graphene Quatum Dots

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2D Materials and Beyond

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Metal-free photochemical hydrogen storage in aromatic compounds.

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